Beauty is in All of Us 

If you have ever been to Kansas City, you know that the best thing to do on a sunny spring day is explore the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Today was one of those days, but beforehand a friend and I decided to have a picnic at Rosedale Park and check out the murals and play.

 I am wearing a Ralph Lauren denim zip up that was my moms in the 80s. Borrowing clothes is a good alternative for those who are uncomfortable with wearing clothes that belonged to strangers, but still want to avoid constantly buying new clothes. Next, the grey Reebok crop top is from a Goodwill in Columbia, MO that I snagged last year.

 Needless to say, it was the perfect day and great start to the weekend. Hope you can say the same for your beautiful Thursday. ❤



One day as I was walking through Lucky’s Market in Columbia, I decided to check out the skin care isle. I noticed a brand called Alaffia and the packaging caught my eye. Not only did I love what the products were made of, I also loved their mission. Alaffia is a fair trade, sustainable company. Through selling their many products, they achieve their empowerment projects. These projects provide school supplies and bicycles for children, plant trees, and give maternal health all around Togo (a country in West Africa).

I was worried that the products would not keep my skin clear because I was used to products that have salicylic acid and other ingredients I couldn’t pronounce if I tried. However, over the span of about 6 months, the changes I have seen in my skin are so much more than I expected. It was also rewarding to see another aspect of my life, besides dress, become more sustainable. If you want to learn more about this amazing brand, here’s a link to their site.


Spring Has Sprung

Although it is technically Spring, the weather hasn’t quite made a full transition from Winter. Even with that being said, I can’t help but feel that the change in my demeanor is because Spring is in the air!

Today I am wearing my favorite oversized Zeppelin sweater that I bought around six years ago at Red Racks in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. It was probably around $5.00 and I never imagined I would cherish it as much as I do. The thing I love about my big thrift store sweaters is their versatility. I not only wear them around the house, I also pair them with jeans and boots to wear out and about.

The jeans I am wearing are from a company named Lucy Marie. I discovered Lucy Marie when they were at a collaborative boutique at MADI Apparel. After trying on the jeans I fell in love and the company founder let me take a pair free of charge. Not only are the jeans perfectly form fitting and comfy, they have a patent pending  “Lucy Lift.” This gives your behind extra support like no other jeans you’ve worn before. They’re a KC native company that makes all their garments in the USA. Here’s a link so you can check them out for yourself! Your booty will thank you.


Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Pats all! I hope everyone is enjoying their day and partaking in all of the fun festivities. Today I am in Kansas City and I finally got the chance to catch the parade. While I was there, I spent most of the time people watching and checking out everyone’s outfits. I was impressed to say the least and although I wish I could have inquired where everyone got there unique outfits, the fast pace parade left me with time to ask just a couple.
This lovely lady said that she found this awesome vintage outfit in the attic of her new house. Secondhand at its best.

My soon to be roomie, Daniel, is wearing his thrift store KC St. Paddy’s Day shirt. Perfect for the occasion.

Here’s some more documentation of the wonderful day!




A few weeks back, MADI had a collaborative event in the store. One of the boutiques that was involved was day22. Created by a daughter, mother, and grandmother, the online store specializes in offering adorable products that are ethically made. They have everything from jewelry, throw blankets, and leather wallets, to lotion, candles, and body spray. I got the opportunity to look at a lot of the items they offer and I was really impressed. Nearly every product they carried was of superb quality and was hand made. A lot of the merchandise included touching stories, explaining the impact the product had on the person’s life who made it. One of my favorite parts of the boutique is the inspiration for the name. It takes just 21 days to create a healthy habit, so the 22nd day is an improved person. day22 seeks those who want to carry on that healthy habit as a lifestyle.

Here’s a link to day22 so you can see for yourself. ❤


Funky Junk

I am ecstatic to announce that I turned 21 this week! To celebrate the occasion I am getting a party bus and going to a retro club called Funky Town this Saturday. Naturally, I am requesting that everyone dress up in disco attire, myself included. This meant that I had to find the funkiest outfit, which was the perfect excuse for me to stop into some of my favorite spots. My search ultimately led me to Boomerang in KC as well as Maude Vintage and Absolute Vintage in Columbia. IMG_0776

To my surprise, it was actually  pretty hard to find what I was looking for. That along with my indecision has left me empty handed as of now, besides these couple odd ball things I couldn’t pass up.

This chunky turquoise necklace was $8.00 and is perfect for a festival outfit in the summer. The vase was FREE because of a tiny crack at the top. Both items purchased from Absolute Vintage.


Double Denim

Something that amazes me is how long I keep my thrift store clothes versus how long I keep my clothes from major retailers. In most cases, garments that I buy from Forever 21 and similar stores are given to consignment stores within a matter of months. The whole process turns me off from snagging the latest trends because I know my desire to wear the item will fade shortly thereafter. This is not so with my old used clothes. Holding on to them seems a bit ironic, but I like to think it’s because they aren’t trendy, they’re just me.

This button up shirt was purchased at what is now a Red Racks in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I got it around six years ago and surprisingly still find a place for it in my wardrobe. I have it paired with plain, high-waisted shorts that are the same color denim. Although to some, denim on denim is a fashion faux pas, I think it works if you do it right. Beer attire on the other hand might really be a fashion no no, but not in my book. I found this baby at Maj-R-Thrift in Kansas City, Kansas about a month ago. It was only a few bucks and I figured it would be perfect for the lake this summer. Collectively this whole outfit costs under $20.00 and each piece can be worn countless ways.


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